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The Nelson List is a local mailing list with a Nelson focus. It has been running since June of 1995 and currently has 219 subscribers. The list is open to anyone who has an interest in Nelson or Nelson events.

Your email address:

You can also subscribe to the list by sending an empty message to .

To unsubscribe, send a message to -- assuming you have the same return address you used when you subscribed. Or, if you want to unsubscribe then you can send an empty message to

In order to subscribe or unsubscribe, you must also reply to a confirmation message. This prevents other people from doing it for you.

The mailing list uses the ezmlm software.

See the Nelson List archive

  When you send a message to the list it is the same as sending it to all of those who are subscribers to the list. It is important that all messages keep to the following guidelines.

If a message is posted to the list that you think is in violation of the guidelines, or is inappropriate for the list for whatever reason, you can send mail to steering_com at kics dot bc dot ca with a copy of the messsage in question and your comments.

Anyone who repeatedly sends messages that do not comply to the guidelines will be warned by the steering committee and may have their future postings subject to being moderated. If they continue to send messages that do not comply, they will be removed from the list.

1. Discussions on the list should have a Nelson area focus or may include computer tips and suggestions, local happenings - announcements, or rides wanted and non-commercial ads.

2. Discussions on the list should *not* include racist, sexist, or homophobic comments, discussion of religion or the 'abortion issue'.

3. Postings to the Nelson List should be civil, and not malicious or insulting towards other list members.

4. Your postings should originate from you, except for brief quotes from other documents.

5. When replying to a previous message, please only quote that part of the message to which your reply refers from the initial message(s). Messages that contain the Majordomo signature will not be forwarded.

6. Don't reply to the whole list when a personal reply is more appropriate. For instance, when someone has asked for a ride to a given place on a given day it's unlikely that the rest of the list will be interested in that fact that you can drive them.

7. Anonymous postings and aliases are not allowed. If your real name is not included in the "From" line of your emails please sign your real name (first and last) to your messages so we all know who we are communicating with.

8. Messages which contain profanities are not allowed.

9. To maintain readability to all subscribers, please limit your emails to plain text. Enriched text and HTML postings will also be automatically bounced.

10. File attachments are not permitted. If you have a file that you would like to share with the rest of the list, send an email to the list maintainer <OWNER-NELSON@KICS.BC.CA>

11. Email addresses that consistently fail with "permanent fatal errors", due to "user unkown", "mailbox full" or similar problems are removed from the List automatically. If you think your address may have been removed from the List, try subscribing again. If you are subscribed, you will receive a message informing you of this. You will not receive double mailings to the same address.

12. Auto-responders of any type are not permitted on the Nelson List. If you employ any kind of automated script, program, or service that sends replies to either the List address, or individual persons on the Nelson List, your address may be removed without warning.
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