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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Web Site

  • How can I verify that my website is hosted with KICS?

    You should run a Whois lookup by visiting this site.
    Type in your domain name and click Go.
    Scroll down and look the the Name servers section.
    If you see the following, your website is hosted with KICS:

  • How do I export my files, email address settings, mailbox contents, mysql database content?

    We are working on detailed instructions, but for now simply open a support ticket and someone will help you out.

  • How can I access my MySQL database?

    We set up one MySQL database when we created your account. The configuration settings are:

    database: youraccount (i.e., same as your FTP username)
    username: youraccount (i.e., same as your FTP username)
    password: same as your mail setup password
    hostname: localhost

    Please open a support ticket if you have an additional MySQL database. The settings will be the same except that the database name will be "youraccount_something".

  • How can I backup my MySQL database?

    There is a phpMyAdmin installation available at Use the same settings given above.

  • How can I download my website?

    Your new web host can easily download / transfer your web site to a new web server. They will probably use FTP software. You will simply need to provide your new web host with your FTP login information. See next question...

  • What is my FTP login information?

    If you can't find a record of your FTP login information, here's a clue: your KICS Account password and FTP password are the same. And if you changed your KICS Account password somewhere along the way, your FTP password also changed.

    If you can't locate either your KICS Account password or your FTP password (which are actually the same), simply open a support ticket and someone will help you out.

  • Domain Name

  • How do I move my site?

    If you've always used as the domain name that you give out to people, then it is likely that you or your organization has never registered your own domain name.

    The first step will have to be for you find a domain registrar and register your own domain name.

    In the long run, you'll be much happier with rather than, so this is a good thing.

    If you're unsure about this, settle on a new webhost and ask them to assist you.

  • I am using my own domain name. How to I move to a new web host?

    Your website will need to be copied to your new web host's server. If your website uses a database, that will need to be backed up and set up on the new server as well.

    Once a perfect copy of your website is operational on your new web host's server, you simply need to redirect your domain name to the new server. Internet users who request will now be directed to your new web host instead of KICS.

    This redirection is accomplished by logging into your domain registrar's website and changing the name servers that are used with your domain name.

    If you're not sure who your domain registrar is, you should run a Whois lookup on your domain name.

    You'll notice that your current name servers are and, which are the KICS name servers. You'll need replace this info with the name servers of your new web host.

    Your new web host will provide you with their name server information, of course.

    If you can't find a record of your login credentials with your domain registrar, you use the "Forget Password?" feature on their website. If you're in a pinch, most domain registrars have a support phone number.

  • Email

  • Will my email be affected by this change?

    The first question should be: what is your email address?

    If your email address is from a third-party service, like Yahoo (, for example, or Gmail (, or if your email provider is Hotmail, Shaw, or Telus, etc. then the answer is no. Your email is autonomous of your KICS web site.

    But, let's say your domain is hosted by KICS. And, let's say that (hypothetically) your domain name is And your email address is In this case, your email is hosted on the KICS server. In this case, unless you get setup with a new web host, you will no longer receive email after November 1st!

  • What will happen to all of our email?

    All of your email accounts and emails are going to be deleted when KICS shuts down its web server.

  • How can we keep our email?

    Your new web host will recreate any email accounts that you still require. You will retrieve any new email from your new web host's email server.

    But if you need to keep a copy of your current and old emails, and if you don't already use an email client (such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird or the Apple Mail app), you will need to set one up to download all of your messages which are currently sitting on the KICS server.

    This will need to be done before you domain name is redirected to your new web host.

  • How do we set up an email client to retrieve our email?

    An email client is a computer program that is used to send and receive email. Although configuring an email client can be tricky, it only needs to be done once.

    While there are many different email clients (almost all computers will already have one installed), they are all very similar to set up.

    All email clients need the following information in order to check your email:

    • Email address to check
    • Incoming Mail Server name
    • Incoming Mail Server username
    • Incoming Mail Server password
    • Outgoing Mail Server name

    • Your Incoming Mail Server server is Replace the word with your domain name.

    • Your Incoming Mail Server username is youraccount-user (your KICS account name, followed by a hyphen and the name of the email account you are configuring).

    In addition to any email accounts that you've may have created, you also have a default email account (which you may or may not be currently using). The username for that email account is your KICS Account name. The password is your Account password, which was included in the setup email you received when you registered your KICS Account.

    • Your Incoming Mail Server password is whatever password you chose when you created the email account (if you are configuring the default account that KICS created for you, however, the password was provided to you when you registered your account).

    The email address would use the following settings:

       Incoming Mail Server name:
       Incoming Mail Server username: yoursite-user
       Incoming Mail Server password: xxxxx
    As another example, if your domain name was and your email address was, you might use these settings:

       Incoming Mail Server name: doefamily.bc.bc
       Incoming Mail Server username: doefamily-jdoe

    If you've made it this far, you can now receive email using your email client. You cannot send email, however, until you complete the last step...

    • Finally, you will need to enter the Outgoing Mail Server name. If you don't have this information, you'll need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). KICS will not know your Outgoing Mail Server information, but here are the ones commonly used by our clients:


    Outgoing Mail Server More Info
    Telus link
    Shaw link
    Secure By Design link
    Columbia Wireless link
  • Payment

  • Don't we owe money to KICS?

    Please do not send any further payments. Any cheques that have been received in 2015, and any subsequent cheques that we receive, will be destroyed. If you have made a payment through PayPal in 2015, we will be issuing a refund to you. You may also contact us in regards to this.

  • I need a copy of a past invoice

    We can provide that. Simply let us know by opening a support ticket.


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