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What kind of hardware does the server have?
  Two Intel Pentium-III 1 GHz processors; two Seagate 300 GB SCSI hard disks; Asus CUV4X-DLS motherboard; Intel Pro 100 network card; 1 GB RAM; Liebert GXT2U UPS.
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Where is the server physically located?
  The server is located in the basement of the Nelson Municipal Library and Nelson City Police building. The colocation facility is operated by Tom Clegg; the internet connection is provided by Navigata Communications.
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Which operating system do you use?
  FreeBSD, a free operating system. FreeBSD is derived from BSD UNIX from the University of California, Berkeley. It was recently adopted by Apple as the basis for Darwin and OS/X. It offers superb network performance, compatibility, and reliability. It has not crashed once!
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Which MTA (mail server) do you use?
  Qmail: secure, fast, small, and flexible. Qmail is used by high-traffic mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, Red Hat Software, Network Solutions, and Ohio State University. Qmail's author, Daniel J. Bernstein, offers a cash reward to the first person to publicly report a verifiable security hole in the latest version. See also and

In January 2004, the KICS mail server made about 8000 deliveries per day.
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Which web server software do you use?
  Apache, the world's favourite. Goes great with PHP4 and MySQL.

In January 2004, the KICS web server handled about 120000 requests per day.
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Which DNS software do you use?
  djbdns: secure, fast, and lean. Like qmail, djbdns security is guaranteed by a cash reward. See also Our second name server,, is a separate machine which also runs FreeBSD and djbdns.

In January 2004, handled about 20200 requests per day; handled about 18600 requests per day. Evidently, some DNS caches choose ns1 or ns2 randomly, while some caches always try ns1 first.
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What other software is installed on the server?
  For a complete list of installed software packages (except PHP), log in via telnet or SSH and type "ls /var/db/pkg" at the $ prompt.
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