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Which web sites does KICS host for free?
  KICS provides free web hosting and email accounts for non-profit organizations and community groups in the Kootenays. The only requirement we have is that you become a member of KICS. As this may be a hardship for some groups, free membership is available to groups who cannot afford to pay the yearly membership fees. Members must also abide by our Acceptable Use Policy.

If you still have questions, please contact .

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Which web sites does KICS host for money?
  KICS hosts commercial and personal websites at discount prices. The bottom line: $20 set up fee for each domain name, plus $120 per year. All sites must abide by our Acceptable Use Policy.
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Does KICS provide dial-up service?
  KICS does not provide internet access (dialup, ADSL, cable, or wireless). This may be available in the future if the need exists and it can be done at a reasonable cost.
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How do I donate my time to KICS?
  KICS is always looking for willing volunteers who have a variety of skills and enthusiasm. If you would like to volunteer with KICS and help others in the Kootenay community, please see the How Can I Help? page or contact us.
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How do I donate money to KICS?
  Financial help is greatly appreciated.

The best way to donate is to buy a KICS membership. If your donation has a particular purpose, or if you would like to donate more than $120 per year, please contact the board of directors about it.
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Why would anyone donate anything to KICS?
  KICS is a non-profit run by volunteers who help community groups and local non-profits improve their technical skills and awareness (read about the origins of KICS). KICS provides most services for free or at a discount, such as web hosting, public internet access sites, and technical tutorials.

We rely on membership fees, government funding, generous donations and commercial hosting to run our initiatives, maintenance and hardware costs.

Any donated help is greatly appreciated!
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How on earth do you manage such a huge, classy operation using only volunteers?
  It has not been easy to get where we are. KICS only recently began to break even, by means of fund-raising initiatives from commercial hosting and membership fees.

We are motivated by the need for an independent, accessible provider of training, information, and services in the Kootenays.

We have stuck with it since 1997, and we hope that we will continue to benefit the non-profit sector and the people of the Kootenays for many years to come.
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