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About KICS
  KICS is a non-profit that provides web hosting, tech support to non-profits, commercial groups and individuals in the Kootenays. KICS also provides and maintains public internet terminals, an on-line listing of local community groups (KCRD) and a community calendar.
Important Announcements
  Our directors for 2006 are: Stevland Ambrose, Tom Clegg, Scott Frederick, Bo Pearce, Kathy Plant, and Russell Plant.
  Now is a great time to use our virus filter! More info about setting up email accounts...
  The Kootenay Community Resource Directory is an on-line directory of community programs and organizations maintained by KICS. This directory covers large government programs, non-profits, charities, small self-help groups and more! The Resource Directory helps us all benefit from the supportive communities of Nelson and the Kootenays. Sign your group up!